What We’ve Done

Royalty Analytics has participated in and developed some great solutions for it’s clients. Below are some examples of how we have helped others, how can we help you?

CVR Energy

Crude transportation efficiency and optimization. Measured efficiency across hundreds of trucks and found ways to significantly decrease operations costs through Analytics and Simulation based Optimization.

Time Warner Cable

(On behalf of Cardinal Peak Consulting) Increasing user engagement through analytics. The first step in competing with Netflix is figuring out what drives user engagement. We helped develop several tools to make this possible.

Marathon Oil

(On behalf of Dexa Systems) Cyber Security Risk Assessment. Using proprietary tools that we developed for Dexa Systems, we found the greatest sources of risk and developed a plan to mitigate them.


Just-in-Time manufacturing. Produced bottom line and individual product sales forecasting in the first step of a production scheduling platform.

Industrial Marketing Information

Sales Targeting Optimization. Developed models for helping industrial supply companies find and target their best customers.

Dexa Systems

Risk Management. Risk Management theory applied to a totally new subject, IT based security risk.

Northfield Trading

Automated Trading Systems. Discovery and optimization of market trends built to trade at high frequencies maximizing profit and minimizing risk.


Resource allocation, planning and optimization for fleet vehicles. Enabled multi-objective optimization for a classic problem using Genetic Algorithms and clustering techniques.


Social Media and Google Analytics Marketing Optimization. Sentiment Analysis, demographic optimization and advanced user targeting and reporting.


Remote sensing networks and reporting dashboards for renewable energy systems.


Lead list generator. Web crawling, followed by Natural Language Processing to extract keywords used to find sales leads for individual businesses.