Automated Trading Systems

Northfield Trading LP is a CTA now in the high frequency trading business. High frequency trading is a Big Data problem spanning several disciplines:

    1. 100% reliable, always on systems
    2. Many different sources of data.
    3. Data often needs cleaning and prepping before being used.
    4. Data comes both in a historical dataset, and also in live streaming format.
    5. Trading System research is a High Performance and Parallel Computing problem.
    6. Trading Systems produced in research must be able to be instantly switched on for trading.
    7. Trading systems must also have Risk Models applied to them.
    8. Live Trading requires human interaction and monitoring.

    Starting with very few computational resources we built commodity High Performance computing clusters and engineered all of the backend software needed to conduct live trading and research.

    In the first 6 months of trading, profits from our systems were projected to be on track to our target profit goals of 15-30%.