Time Warner Cable – User Engagement

Time Warner Cable is one of the largest cable companies in America.

In 2013 they launched an IP TV app which is quickly becoming a competitor to Netflix and other online TV and Movie applications.

In pursuit of the goal of making a better product which engages more users TWC wanted to develop two items:

  1. A Big Data platform to store and analyze data.
  2. Using Big Data, analyze what engages users.

Our task was the second bullet point, to use the big data that had been collected to figure out how users were engaging and why.

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So we did 3 things which have been paying off.

  • Helped build and design a data display dashboard to quickly analyze engagement trends and quality of experience.
  • Created an analysis grouping users into distinct categories of usage.
  • Created a line of research and tools necessary to analyze groups of users over time.

The data display dashboard has been the biggest success helping the group grow by 200% and achieve company wide recognition (and funding).

While we have yet to see how the user engagement research will ultimately play out, it has already produced key insights into TWC’s user base which had not previously been discovered.