What We Do

(Big) Data Analytics

Our experts can help turn your very large or very small data into insights. We can also help develop a comprehensive data collection and analysis strategy for your organization.

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Predictive Modeling and Optimization

Take your analysis to the next step with forward looking modeling and simulation via Machine Learning, Causal Network Inference, Monte Carlo Simulation and Multi-agent modeling.

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Looking for in-house talent? We can help you find it.

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(Big) Data Analytics Infrastructure and Insights

We specialize in Big Data, from raw data collection to Data Science and Web Based presentation. But whether it’s “big” data or “small” data, your raw data contains a wealth of information about your organization. More than traditional Business Intelligence our squad of stats and math experts can find the most relevant trends, outliers and opportunities for greater profitability and effectively present them. Unlike 19th century serial novelists we prefer to be paid not by the number of charts or statistics we produce, but by the net effect of our work…your increased profitability.



Predictive Modeling and Optimization Where do you want to go?

Analytics can only tell you about who you are and where you’ve been. To unlock the
true potential your data has to offer, Analytics must be combined with forward looking Data Modeling and Optimization. Using state of the art Causal Network Inference Engines, Machine Learning, Multi-Agent and Monte Carlo simulations (and plenty of in-house and on-demand computing horsepower) we can answer your what-if questions and unlock the true potential your organization.

Recruiting For your in-house needs.

We understand that sometimes you need human resources to supplement your current team, or to be there in the trenches day in and day out. But where do you even begin finding qualified Data Scientists, Stats Experts, Dev Ops/Systems Engineers, and the host of other highly skilled human resources necessary to do Big Data? We are happy to help recruit long term employees, or supply contractors for any and all Big/Small Data Analytics positions.

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